About Us

What do we make

At AwBaby Boutique we offer one humble but very important hair accessory, the headband. No thrills or frills, just a simple twist knot to elevate each carefully chosen fabric. It all starts with hand picking every fabric for maximum softness, stretch, and it's no fray edges. 

Who is it for

Our headbands are handmade for infants and kids. With a 6 inch width, each headband offers full head coverage for your little one. Handmade with no tags and just a single seam at the twist knot every headband is made with comfort and durability in mind. 


Our headbands are "one size fits most." We’ve made an easy to ready guide for gauging the average head circumference range for different age groups. Check out each product description for a "Head Circumference Range" so you can buy with confidence that our headbands won't be too tight or loose on your little one's head.  

Age Range

Average Head 



6mo - 12mo

15in - 19in


12mo - 3yrs

18in - 20in


3yr - 12yrs

20in - 22in


How to measure your little one

With a measuring tape, start at the top of the forehead above the brow line and wrap the measuring tape around the back of your little one’s head and back toward the front of the forehead. You want to have a snug fit but not have the measuring tape so tight against their head it digs in. Where they cross that is your measurement. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape you can use a string or ribbon and then measure the length of the string/ribbon with your measuring tool.


Care Instructions

With long lasting durability in mind you can throw them in the wash, safely tucked into a mesh laundry bag, and they'll be fresh and clean for your little one's next adventure.